ZRC Grands Fonds first series – “Série 1”


Stainless steel diving watch made in 1963 by French ZRC, their 1st watch. This is one of the holy grails in diving watch collecting, one of the rarest watches to find because very few were produced and some of them have been lost due to immersion dammages. This particular watch has a “clean” dial and straight second hand (chapter ring and lollipop were added in later versions).

Overall Condition:

The watch is in great conditions. Small lume plots have developped a dark-black patina. The dial has faded into a less dark black colour probably due to light exposure. Carved long and thin indexes are breathtaking… Minute hand has its original radium whereas hour hand has been relumed in the past. The watch comes with its uber rare Z.R.C. Sizoflex elastic band (lug width 15mm!)


35,4 mm without crown


Felsa 4000

A.N.F.S. (Absolutely Not For Sale)