Francisco Fernandez alias Curro, Spaniard of Andalusian origins but born in Switzerland, I’ve always been interested in watches since I was a child. Since I can remember,  I have always possessed more than one watch and as I became a collector, the dilemma of which one to wear became huge. I discovered the world of vintage watches in the late 1990’s, first dealing with japanese chronographs and then Swiss, Japanese and French diving watches.

Lately, as hunting for watches has become more important than owning them, it was a logical step to create 2DIVEorNOT2DIVE in order to share the passion of precious vintage timepieces and also the glorious lore that surrounds them: the feats and lives of adventurers like Cousteau, Jacques Mayol, Enzo Maiorca and many others.

Some of the watches sold here have gone deep or not so deep in the Mediterranean Sea, many others – the chronographs – didn’t or can’t anymore but they all show their origins as tools, as instruments, demonstrating that fascinating solidity and sturdiness, and sometimes simplicity & readability that we see when we deal with a diving watch…

…not to mention the fact that they tell the time quite precisely!

Main collaborators:

Jean-Marc Muhlematter, Swiss, organ restorer, interior designer & vintage freak but most of all watch hunter based not far from Geneva, which is a good spot if you want to add nice trophies to your collection!

Marc Giromini, Swiss architect, passionate about vintage cars, motorbikes and of course…. watches! Who would have guessed? He has built a great collection of “niche” models through the years and loves to study the watches in each of its components, from the aesthetic details down to the mechanical parts.