Omega Marine


Probably the first “diving watch” in History, the Omega Marine was launched in 1932 as a strong water resistant wrist watch. Divers were not yet imagineable at that time. A few years before, in 1926, Rolex had patented the Oyster case, and one year later, female swimmer Mercedes Gleitze crossed the English Channel wearing the Rolex (around the neck!). But Omega went deeper. The Marine was given an outer casing with cork seals to protect it. As a result, the Marine survived the incredible depths of Lake Geneva, 73m!

This model has a rare “importé de Suisse” 3 tone dial.

Overall Condition:

The watch is in great conditions, maybe because it wasn’t often used to dive and because it is very well built after all, even if nowadays it looks more like a Patek dresswatch than an extreme sports watch.


23 x 34 mm


cal. 19.4 manual winding

Not For Sale