Enicar Sherpa Ultradive MkI


Very rare stainless steel supercompressor diving watch by Enicar directly from the 1960’s. This being the first version, with double small lollipop second hand and big black “panda” dial. Recently nicknamed “Alain Delon” because the french actor wore it in the movie Les Aventuriers and then he was spotted wearing it also in his everyday life.

Here’s the link to the excellent page enicar101.com :

Alain Delon’s Ultradive

Overall Condition:

The watch is in great conditions for its age and use. The inner rotating bezel has assumed an ivory patina with some light yellow stains. The big matte black dial is in good conditions, tritium has aged and developped a yellow/green patina. Shell and numbers are very well preserved on the backcase. The watch comes with an Enicar BOR bracelet.


43mm without crowns.


AR1145 self-winding.