Triton Spirotechnique J.


Stainless steel case 1960’s skin diver made by the french brand Triton (Dodane) for La Spirotechnique (Jacques Cousteau). This bright red dial watch was the brother of the more famous Triton Spirotechnique black dial 12 o’clock crown, and a less expensive choice in the diving catalogues at the time. Also funny to note that in a 1963 catalogue, we could spot a Triton Spirotechnique at 682 French Francs when a Rolex Submariner was 12 Francs cheaper at 670.

Overall Condition:

The watch is in outstanding conditions. The impressive bright red dial being of course the main attraction here, along with the golden hands, the same ones as his “dark brother”. Definitely one of the nicest skin divers ever produced, in my humble opinion. It wasn’t meant to be a pretentious toolwatch, but the watch appeared to be simply beautiful, gay and useful.


37mm without crown


Self winding 25 jewels