Aquastar Deepstar Duward Rally


Stainless steel 100m waterproof chronograph, circa 1965 by Aquastar, branded Duward for the Spanish market. One of 2diveornot2dive recurrent grailwatches… These watches were used by Commandant Cousteau’s frogmen along with other famous divers like the ZRC, Omega Seamaster 1000, Rolex Submariner – no crown guard -, Nivada Depthomatic…

It has become almost impossible to find a Deepstar in such remarquable conditions. This one has the rare decompression rotating bezel and the also rare Rally dial.

Overall Condition:

The watch is breathtaking, truly. The case is crisp, shiny, the bezel is perfectly conseved with the original black painted numbers. There is still a remaining of tritium in the 12h hole which is quite rare. But the main thing is surely the dial and its bright silver patina, changing colour depending on the light exposure. The big eye counter is pristine, with its small step and the patina on indexes and hands is perfectly matching.

Curiously enough we can guess that the watch has been in a drawer for a long time, with its hands at 11h23, because there is a slight trace on the dial, like a thin shadow, probably not done by the “burning” tritium or by the shadow of the hands and the propeller hand too, if the watch was exposed to daylight for a long period. The million dollar question being: how do you get a tropical dial?

(The box and warranty shown in pictures don’t belong to this watch)


38mm without crown.


Valjoux 23.

Not For Sale