Aquastar Deepstar – Lorenz


Aquastar stainless steel skin diver chronograph approximately 37,5 mm wide excluding crown, branded Lorenz for the italian market (Duward was for Spain). These chronographs were used by the Cousteau team during their expeditions with the Calypso as we can spot in numerous pictures.

Overall Condition:

The watch is in good condition over all, showing signs of use. The main attraction of this watch is its colour, a golden tropical tone we can say. The dial has been restored in the past by a previous owner or maybe it was re-branded by Aquastar (?!) because we can see when exposed at a strong light that it was an “only” Aquastar, 10atm dial, then turned into a “Lorenz 20atm”. The left minute scale has faded partially. But nevertheless as you can see in the pics the dial is breathtaking so I didn’t try to restore it or put another one.

The watch comes with a vintage Lorenz box and an original Swiss tropic Apollo strap – still perfect – with a Lorenz buckle.


Valjoux 92 manual winding working fine. Chrono sets back to zero. Service history unknown.