Seiko 6105-8000


Stainless steel case legendary diving watch from Seiko. The first one after the 62mas with their famous shape, then evolving into the wider Apocalypse watch.

Overall Condition:

The watch is in rather good conditions even though it has lived God knows which adventures under and over the seas. The bezel rotates freely, it shows defects under the 12 triangle and in other parts but the whole watch shows an incredible homogeneity in patina/ageing. A rarity: the dial is untouched, the mineral glass is also original and shows a curious “craquelé” effect on it. It has a superb presence on the wrist and is very precise with a great power reserve. The watch comes with a new rubber strap, repro of the original waffle.


42mm without crown.


Seiko caliber 6105 B self-winding movement.

Price: 2.200 €