Doxa Sub 300 Searambler “no T”


Stainless steel flat tonneau case diving watch from 1967 by Doxa. This example is from the rare first series, with its thin case and smaller overall size / dial size. The legend says that only a hundred of these have survived, approximatively. Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself was one of the divers who contributed to the creating process of the watch.

Overall Condition:

The watch is in outstanding conditions. The silver sunburst dial is pristine, the tritium between the thick black indexes is still all present and has developped a nice dark patina. The bezel (which clicks strongly!) shows some signs of wear but still retains all of its black and orange numbers almost intact. The case has never been polished.

The watch comes without bracelet.


42mm without crown.


self-winding, working fine (not serviced)


Price: 5.500 €