Rolex 6202 Turn-o-Graph


Stainless steel Oyster Case is approximately 36mm wide (excluding crown). Rolex Reference 6202 dating from 1954. This was considered a sport’s watch at the day, it was waterproof up to 50 meters and it’s the first Rolex with a rotating bezel – followed closely by the famous Submariner – that’s why it’s called sometimes pre-submariner. The 6202 reference was produced for 2 years only (1953 and 54) and thus has become a kind of unicorn.

Overall Condition:

The watch is in untouched original conditions. The reference and text engraved between the lugs are very well preserved. The dial and hands have developped a breathtaking patina with radium dust spread over the surface, giving that gold-sugarbrown fascinating colour. The round indexes are still high and “crispy”, and the patina is consistent overall.

You get caught to “watch the watch” only for its beauty, forgetting that it can also give you the time.


36mm without crown


self-winding Rolex signed movement